Hair Products And Tools for Any Trip

I’ve noticed lately a trend – even with the upscale hotels – where hotels are no longer offering free conditioner and in some cases any hair products.  On a recent short weekend trip, we inadvertently forgot to pack neither shampoo or condition.  After speaking with the hotel concierge, I found that particular chain no longer provided any toiletries other than soap.  When we returned from that trip, I decided never to rely on free supplies again.  Instead, I went out and put together my own best travel hair products kit.  If you’re interested in putting together your own, keep reading.

What You Need to Pack

Everything from sulfate free shampoo to travel size straighteners, here are perfectly sized travel hair products, tools and kits to ensure that you’ll always have a good hair day on your next vacation or business trip.

Two-in-One Mini Flat Iron/Curling Iron

Whether you want curly or straight hair, you just need one travel hair tool that will give you options while you’re on your trip.  The 6th Sense Combo Straightener/Curling Iron is dual-voltage and travel-sized.  So, you can take it anywhere.  Simply flip a switch to convert it from curling iron to flat iron.  It even comes with an insulated bag so you can pack it safely even while it still hot.

Folding Hair Dryer

There’s room in even the smallest carry-on for Conair’s Travel Smart Folding Hair Dryer.  Its folding handle makes it super compact. It has dual-voltage, so you can use it pretty much anywhere, and the 1200-watt power dries your hair quickly.

Shampoo Kit

Curly-haired travelers, this kit is for you! The DevaCurl haircare line has a travel-friendly hair care kit featuring three-ounce versions of its products, which work on every kind of hair. The brand’s How to Quit Shampoo Kit contains travel-sized bottles of its hair cleanser and conditioner, along with an anti-frizz towel.

Dry Shampoo

There are plenty of travel scenarios in which you can’t get to a shower. Refresh your hair with this tiny can of Dry Shampoo by Living Proof. Just spray and instantly feel (and smell) cleaner, no water needed! It soaks up and eliminates oil, so you’ll look fresh and pulled together.

Compact Brush

Instead of packing both a comb and a brush, get the Tangle Teaser’s Compact Styler, a smaller version of the popular hair tool. This works on both wet and dry hair and won’t damage. The tiny case keeps the bristles clean when you pack it away and it’s great at detangling painlessly.

Chlorine Removal Shampoo

Been hitting the hotel pool? Your hair probably shows it. Don’t worry, just wash your hair post-dip with UltraSwim Dynamic Duo Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. It’s true to its name, takes the chlorine out of your tresses. This conditioning shampoo will help neutralize the chemical’s harmful effects, thanks in part to ingredients like vitamin E and aloe.

Collapsible Hair Diffuser

We can all agree that hotel hair dryers are pretty much the worst, right? Get the same results that you’d get at home (without having to pack a whole appliance) with Curly Co.’s Collapsible Hair Diffuser, a silicone device that attaches to any hair dryer (yes, even that dud in your hotel room) to decrease frizz and protect your hair from heat. It folds down nearly flat, so you can bring it pretty much anywhere.

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