Let’s Talk Purses!

Whether you call them purses or handbags, these invaluable parts of every woman’s wardrobe are an important part of day to day life. Different women like different styles of bags, different designs, different designers and different features, but there are some important points to consider on buying the right purse for you.

Tips on Buying the Right Purse for You

Regardless of the style of handbag you like, it is important to put some thought into the purse you select. This is particularly important if you are buying a quality designer purse that you want to be able to use, enjoy and have with you for years to come.

Unfortunately, too many women buy purses based on what they see someone using. Having to have the latest in a designer handbag is only practical if you have a designer handbag budget. If you don’t, you can still achieve the look you want with a top quality, designer purse that you find at a consignment shop, often with the features and options that make it the perfect match for your needs.

Making A Choice

Before buying any purse, stop and think about what you need. This isn’t as much about color, fabric and style, but more about the practical aspects of the bag. Does it have the compartments you need? Is there room for your phone, makeup, tablet, and the items you regularly carry?

By knowing that you must have, you are less likely to come home with a lovely looking bag that isn’t practical and ends up on the shelf because it simply doesn’t hold what you need it to carry.

Next, think about how you need to use the purse. Is it for evening wear, for running errands, as combination purse/briefcase for work or is a general-purpose bag that will do double or triple duty throughout your busy life?

Fabric Options

There are a lot of different choices in fabrics and leathers for purses. Keep in mind that cleaning may be a consideration, so check to make sure the purse can be cleaned easily, particularly if you are using it as a daily wear handbag.

Leather is a very durable option and tends to stand up to heavy use for longer periods of time than fabric. However, leather is also heavier to carry, and it may not be the ideal match for someone looking for a summer purse or one to match with casual clothing on the weekends.

Consider the color of any type of fabric or leather and how it will coordinate with your wardrobe. Don’t get stuck on choosing only neutral colors or solids. Prints, patterns and unique looks to bags can also coordinate well if the colors are compatible with your clothing preferences.

Body Type

You may not have stopped to consider how a purse can accentuate your body time or actually work against the look you are trying to achieve. In general, a purse should look balanced and correctly sized for the individual.

Larger, longer and less structured purses, like hobo bags, tend to flatter women that are taller or that have longer upper bodies. Shorter women will often find these bags hang too far down the body which makes them less practical.

Petite women will typically find the smaller, shorter purses that have more structure are a good match. Satchels and cross-body types of purses tend to look good on all figures and shapes, particularly if the strap can be adjusted.

Try on the purse and see how it looks with your body type and your clothing style. This is always an important consideration as you want a purse that isn’t just functional but also flattering.

What are some of your favorite brands or designers? What’s your go-to purse style? Do you go trendy or stick to the colors and styles that never go out of fashion?