Paris Anyone?

Most of us Americans have this fantasy of what Parisians walk around Paris wearing.  Berets with striped tees and carrying a baguette under their arm.  Reality is, you probably won’t ever see anyone wearing that getup.  What you will find is very fashionably pulled together looks, even when wearing something as simple and mundane as a classic trench coat.

As a typically underdressed American, knowing what to wear when visiting such an understated, fashionable city as Paris can be challenging. I’m pretty sure I know what NOT to wear. No sweatshirts and yoga pants for this girl.  Not in Paris!

Leave the Super Casual Clothes at Home

Just a suggestion, but we Americans, in terms of fashion, tend to be a bit more casual than our European counterparts.  I mean: We wear pajamas to the grocery store. Need I say more? 

No, you won’t get publicly humiliated or shamed or even flogged because most Parisians are nice, but wearing pajamas out is kind of a no-no.  That applies to most cities in Europe too.  If you do, everyone will know without a doubt that you’re a tourist.

Pack Neutral Patterns and Colors

Now, that doesn’t mean you have to rock the 80’s power suit either. Think chic, ultra-modern or ultra-vintage looks, a bit more polished and pulled together.  The emphasis is darker colors and a cohesive aesthetic.  Also think minimalism. Layers and a whole lot of mixing and matching. You’ll also pack less and use more accessories.

You can pair tops like this neutral top or this one with a ton of different pants, to create multiple Paris outfits. The one’s below can easily be dressed down, are light, have flattering fits, and are attractive but without being too revealing.

When All Else Fails, Go With Black

Not only is it incredibly Parisian, but it’s flattering, elegant, goes with everything. It is an easy color to transition from day to night too.

What if you want to dress your blouse up?

Then be all Parisian about it and add a scarf like this one.

With colorful scarfs, that take up almost no room in your suitcase, you could create an infinite number of outfits using the same pair of black pants and neutral blouses.

A Nice Pair of Black Jeans

You want something that not only looks good but that is mad comfortable too since you’ll obviously be eating all the macarons, baguettes, croissants, and eclairs in sight. 

Aviator travel jeans! These jeans are the most comfortable pair of jeans that I have ever owned (I could probably comfortably sleep in them too)!  They are true to fit, super high quality, incredibly durable, flexible, and breathable (AKA no sweaty legs). I can finally rock a pair of jeans on a plane without sporting a huge unflattering muffin top!

Shoes That Match the Dressier Vibe in Paris

I definitely suggest a stylish pair of slip-ons, wedges, or flats for warm weather, and a chic pair of ankle boots or tall boots for the winter.  You need something that you can literally walk miles in without getting a blister.

But you also need to be able to traverse cobblestone streets. These quaint lanes are charming in photos but try to walk on them without the right type of shoes and you can slip and slide all over the place or get your heel caught and fall flat on your face.

Dresses Are An ABSOLUTE Must

They take up less room in your luggage than a traditional pant/shirt combo outfit, but they always make you look well put together (like you actually tried without actually trying) and are super easy and breezy during the summer when it is insanely hot in Paris.

During the summer, I would rock something like this, floral print dress.  This outfit is a timeless dress that can easily be paired with a cardigan and leggings/tights on a cooler day. It’s loose enough to hide all your lumps and bumps, but not so loose that you look like you’re wearing a glorified circus tent.  It’s true to size and comes in a variety of designs, with sleeveless options available too!

If you’re visiting Paris during the winter, I’d suggest something like this long sleeve, A-line dresses (like the one below, only with sleeves). This one happens to be a Boatneck Sleeveless Vintage Tea Dress.  Their dresses are high-quality, last forever, are true to size, come in any pattern/color imaginable, are reasonably priced at $30 a dress, and expertly hide any bodily. It’s a fantastic dress to wear in Paris anytime of the year.

Cheers to a wonderful Tuesday! Hopefully your day starts with a buttery croissant and ends with a nice glass of champagne!

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