How To Declutter Your Makeup Drawer

I am horrible about holding onto old makeup items that I never use, are out of date, and I don’t even like. This year, I made the conscious decision that I want less stuff and more great products that I love

One of my New Year’s resolutions was to work on decluttering my life. This involved cleaning out my closet, my desk, the kitchen and even my makeup collection. Today I am focusing on decluttering your makeup. I am guilty of holding onto old makeup items that I never use, are out of date, and I don’t even like. So grab yourself a trash bag, a snack, and maybe a glass of wine, and let’s clean out your makeup collection together.

Decluttering Your Makeup

Starting to blog on fashion and beauty has not helped my makeup hoarding one bit. But I know this is something we are all guilty of, we hold onto old products we don’t even use, and for what reason? Years ago after watching all of these big beauty YouTubers show off their makeup collection, I was so jealous, look at all of that makeup. Before I knew it my collection was starting to look like that, 10 foundations, 30 lipsticks, un-used or barely used products that I kept in my collection for years. But why, so I could have a huge clear container on my counter to show off, “look at all of my makeup”. So what, who cares?

I made the conscious decision that I want less stuff and more great products that I loved. So when decluttering your makeup ask yourself these questions to help weed out the stuff vs the great products you love.

Questions to ask yourself when Decluttering Your Makeup

  1. Is it expired? Check out this post to see when most makeup products expire.
  2. Have you ever used it, or have you used it in the past 3 months?
  3. How does your skin react to it, does it make you break out?
  4. Do you have similar items that you love more?
  5. Would you recommend it to a friend? If not, it is probably not that great of an item.

Makeup Storage

I used to store my makeup in a large clear set of drawers. Sure it looked pretty, but it was massive and allowed me to keep way too much. I also now prefer the look of a clean spacious counter opposed to a large makeup storage unit. When I was cleaning out my makeup I told myself I could only keep as many products that would comfortably fit in one of the drawers in our bathroom vanity. I am proud to say I was able to declutter enough to fit everything in that one drawer, even with a little space to spare. Think about how you want to store your collection while decluttering your makeup.

What Makeup Items I Decided to Keep?

So what did I keep? Now I am going to break down the items that made it through my declutter process and are true favorites of mine.


I really need to pare down my foundations a little more. But for me, I think they are the hardest to part with. I like them all, and some of them are different shades (summer of winter). I highly recommend all four of these foundations.

Concealer & Setting Powder

I did a major clean sweep on my concealers and only kept the two that are still in date and that I love and use. Same with setting powders, I only kept my favorite one because it was what I reach for every day.


You all know I am a mascara junkie, but I made myself throw out any old mascaras, even if I do love them. Right now I have three favorite mascaras, and I am testing out two primers that I really like. This one make get even smaller now that I’ve got eyelash extensions.


For not being that into eyeshadow, I sure had a lot of palettes I collected over the years. Don’t get me wrong I do like a little eyeshadow, I am just not one to do elaborate eye makeup looks. I really narrowed down my palettes, because let’s be real, some of them take up a lot of space. I kept two small palettes with four shadows in them each, one has neutral matte shades, and one has neutral shimmer shades.


Oh boy, had I collected a lot of lipsticks that were old and SO out of date. But I hadn’t used them all up so I kept holding onto them for no reason. I have been more into just a nice moisturizing lipstick lately. Matte finish of course.