Spring Travel Clothes

Spring weather can present quite the packing conundrum. One day might be hot and sunny, the next chilly and rainy. How do you decide what to bring for trips when the weather is unpredictable but you’ll still want to be outside—and comfortable? Toss these spring travel clothes into your suitcase and thank me later.

Cargo Shorts

Want to carry everything you need in a way that looks better and keeps your belongings safer than regular shorts? Get Cargo Shorts. They have concealed pockets. The largest pockets are deep enough for easily holding all your necessities, from your wallet to your phone. They’re also super comfortable, thanks to the adjustable waistband.

Gauze Scarf

Lightweight scarves are an essential travel item, no matter the time of year. They double as a blanket, a head/shoulder covering for churches or mosques, and a bandanna.

Convertible Jacket

Wind, rain, sun, or cold—you’ll be ready for all types of weather with a convertible jacket. The sleeves zip off so you can wear it as a vest.

Three Quarter Sleeve Henley Tee

A top with three-quarter sleeves is a smart pick for any spring travel outfit. Try the Three Quarter Sleeve Henley Tee, which has a comfy, relaxed fit and is made of breathable, organic cotton that won’t make you hot on a warm spring day.

Convertible Dress

Pack one dress and get a bunch of different looks. It can be a casual or fancy look, depending on which way you tie it. The Easy and soft stretchy fabric is great for travel because it is comfortable and doesn’t wrinkle easily. These dress comes in sizes that fit everyone

Sun Hat

Sun protection is always smart. The brim should be adjustable to any angle, and it should scrunch down for easy packing without losing its shape.

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