The Best Place To Watch Planes Land

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Because the island is so small, the airport runway is built very close to the beach.  On approach, planes fly between 40 to 100 feet over the narrow beach.  Because of this, the popularity of Maho Beach has grown significantly.  Hundreds of beach goers now flock to the beach everyday to see the low flying planes.  Some brave souls even attempt to ‘fence surf’ by holding on to the blast fence while getting pelted with sand and hot air from the jets. Sunset Bar and Grill is located just off the extended centerline of the runway.  They post the day’s flying schedule right next to their beer lineup.

St Maarten Sunset Beach Bar is world famous, and for good reason. With it’s ideal location overlooking Maho Beach it’s an easy place to lounge around all day while watching mammoth airplanes land and takeoff right over your head. So naturally, there are a lot of people interested in the progress of this iconic beach bar as it, and the entire island, works to recover and rebuild from Irma.

Over the past several years, Sunset Beach Bar has transformed from a sleepy, cute little place on the side of Maho Beach, to a large, extremely crowded experience. Although, there’s no question that Irma has caused the entire island to take a few steps back in time, and Sunset Beach Bar is no exception.

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