The Perfect Lemon Drop Martini

The perfect lemon drop martini should be refreshingly tart, not overbearingly sweet. This easy peasy drink recipe is quite possibly THE most refreshing ever! Give it a try soon.

Easy Peasy Lemon Drop Martini

The little things matter, when it comes to mixing the perfect drink at home. These are the kinds of things a busy bartender might not have time to do or does not have access to at their bar. When it comes to good cocktail, top of the line ingredients are key, but so is a bartender who pays attention, which is why the same drink can be so different depending on the skill of the maker. When making cocktails, always sweat the small stuff.

Baker's Ultra-fine Pure Cane Sugar

One of the crucial ingredients of Lemon Drop Martinis is ultrafine pure cane sugar. It’s on the baking aisle of most major grocery stores such as Publix. It comes in what looks like a milk carton. It’s not the same as the pourable superfine sugar, it has to be ultra. The ultrafine sugar, sugars the rim of the glass perfectly, with a nice thin layer of sweetness. You don’t want this sugared edge to be thick and gritty. Also, a thinly, rimmed martini glass is also a must.

Small Sieve

A small sieve is perfect for sprinkling the ultra-fine sugar onto the glass rims dipped in lemon juice.

Citrus Press

Fresh lemons are a vital ingredient in this drink (obviously), and one thing I cannot live without in my kitchen is my citrus press. This lemon press squeezes your lemons and limes to almost dry. It’s not possible to get as much juice out when you squeeze lemons or limes with your hands. Even the driest lemon or lime will yield lots of juice with this press. And it lasts for years and years. A citrus press is a must in any kitchen or bar setup.

Crushed Snow Cone Consistency Ice

A lemon drop martini needs to be icy cold. And while this drink is shaken vigorously in ice, it benefits from an icy finish in the glass but you don’t want to add ice cubes.

This is where a high-performance blender comes in and the reason they are pricey. You can crush ice to snow cone consistency in 10 seconds. Then you simply add it to a freezer bag and keep it in the freezer to scoop out when making cocktails. It will stick together, but it breaks up easily. It’s so worth it, and it makes a difference in this drink without a doubt. A chilled glass doesn’t hurt either.

Ice Cold Refreshingly Tart Lemon Drop Martini

Ice cold and refreshingly tart! Every time!

Lemon Drop Martini

Thinly sliced lemons will float on the top of your cocktail and give it an elegant finish. Remember, the little things always count when it comes to cocktail making!

Lemon Drop Martini Presentation
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